Thursday, March 14, 2013


I need to write a synposis of my book DaySix for my publishers.

How does this sound?

Day Six  is story of one of the roughest introductions to motherhood you can imagine. Jen Wight breaks the taboo around mental ill health to honestly recount her experience of developing post partum psychosis and then severe post natal depression. She tells the tales of being convinced she was Cameron Diaz; that she and Obama were going to use FaceBook to save the world; and that she was going to cure cerebral palsy with dental floss.

One scary night she experiences regressing back through her 'past lives' to become a sixties housewife, an aboriginal women living when Cook first sailed through The Heads into Sydney Harbour, and finally the first chimpanzee to communicate with words. 

And it all started on Day Six of her son's life.

She uses her experiences to explore her relationship with her sister who has schizophrenia and to illustrate that while mental illness can be devastating, there is hope that things can get better.